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Healthcare Provider Support Services

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Karen MahardyModern society applies advanced automated technologies to empower all spheres of life and business, including healthcare. In fact, finding solutions to particular medical problems and improving them may be one of the most important issues we face nowadays. With the right attitude, it has now become possible to collaborate the efforts of many health care experts and digital providers in order to enforce medical workers and simplify the lives of those who seek help.

So what is a healthcare provider support platform and how does it help? A healthcare provider support platform combines various aspects of healthcare and helps to solve the issues they have. It connects the information to providers' workflow in order to create a high-quality and low-price healthcare system. A healthcare provider support platform collaborates efforts with both independent professionals and big companies to make sure that the professionals they work with have both experience and expertise.

I grew up in Issaquah, WA, but lived most of my adult life in Seattle.

When did you first get into marketing/project management?

Right after I graduated from the University of Washington, I was hired as a program manager for a new teen center in Bellevue called Ground Zero, which was one of two all-ages venues in the Seattle area at the time. In addition to planning programs and booking/managing concerts I handled all of the marketing. It was basically me, a crappy computer and a copy machine.

What do you find exciting about working in B2B?

I enjoy helping businesses solve problems and present themselves and their products/services in a fresh and exciting way.

What drew you to Kitterman?

I was drawn to the talent and professionalism that was exhibited by the Kitterman staff, the quality of the work, and the leadership of Joan Harkins.

What are some of your favorite past times outside of work? What are your passions?

I recently earned an MFA in glass sculpture from Rochester Institute of Technology. I exhibit my work nationally and am represented by galleries in Seattle and Portland. I also teach glassblowing and sculpting, glass fusing and casting in my free time.

Karen Glass Art

What’s the most extreme thing you’ve ever done?

I have bungee jumped twice, which is pretty amazing considering I am totally afraid of heights.

Favorite movie?

The Lord of the Rings trilogy because the work that WETA workshop did was amazing and I wish I could have been a part of that art department.

Favorite book?

The Road by Cormac McCarthy because I think the author was able to create a really beautiful story about a man and his love for his son, despite being set in a horrible post-apocalyptic world.

Favorite musician?

I just love Jeff Buckley. Such an amazing voice and talent that was taken too soon.

Favorite TV show?

I really liked Deadwood and wished they would have finished it instead of cancelling it.

Want to talk with Karen about Jeff Buckley, her art, or starting a new project with Kitterman? Drop us a line!

2547ba2Dusty is the resident Inbound Marketing Specialist at Kitterman Marketing Group, a B2B marketing company that helps clients generate leads through the strategic mix of social, traditional and digital marketing.

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