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High Tech and High Touch: Marketing to Healthcare Professionals in the Age of Twitter

With 200 million active users, Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world—especially among people in IT. But for healthcare marketers, Twitter presents some unique challenges as well as benefits.


MozCon 2013: It’s All About Content

When you hear SEO, you might first think about Google and Bing rankings. But the way we search has changed. So the way we optimize search needs to change as well. Up in Seattle, we just attended MozCon 2013—a summit of thought leaders in SEO and marketing from around the… Read More


Happy Fourth of July from Kitterman Marketing Group!

Break out the stars and stripes. It’s Independence Day and it’s time to celebrate! Though we’re sure a lot of you will be taking a long weekend with the holiday, that doesn’t mean you can’t find meaningful marketing parallels within many of the festivities. For fun, here’s are a few… Read More


Maximizing Short Clips: Using Instagram Video and Vine for Marketing

There’s a threshold for capturing your audience within the first few seconds of your video. But what if your video was just those first few seconds? Enter Vine and, as of last week, Instagram Video. While YouTube and Vimeo are popular platforms for sharing long-form, HD videos that are often… Read More

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Best Practices for Successful Healthcare Meetups

Successful healthcare marketing requires building strong customer relationships. But that can be a challenge when you spend a lot of time communicating online. There’s no substitute for face-to-face interaction, and one of the best ways for marketers to do this is through healthcare IT meetups. Organizing a social group—with sites… Read More

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Can Marketing Solve the Issue of Caregiver Burnout?

You’ve got a terrific new solution. It’s leading-edge, high-capability, and incorporates all the bells and whistles. But will all those bells and whistles contribute to caregiver burnout? As competition for the healthcare IT dollar heats up, user experience and human factors in engineering are becoming increasingly important to maintaining market… Read More


Five Types of Viral-Ready Images for Social Media

Images speak louder than words—and they share faster too. Social media moves so rapidly that words often aren’t enough. Your 140 characters of thoughtful text might get glances, but a Grumpy Cat meme will be retweeted hundreds of times. What this means for marketers is that in order to keep… Read More


Marketing the Remarkable: Five Tips for Healthcare Innovators

Innovation has always been a hallmark of healthcare and medicine. But while they’re applauded by researchers and scientists, breakthroughs often befuddle the people they’re designed to help. How do you market a product, process, or procedure that your audience has never envisioned before? It’s a challenge that many of today’s… Read More


Top Video Tips to Add Life to Your Social Marketing

Video—it’s your social profile’s best friend. Using video to augment your social media marketing communications can attract three times more clicks, according to SEOMoz. So grab your camera phone and let’s get going! Here are tools you should be using to get your social marketing moving: Capture Your Smartphone/iPad/Mobile Device… Read More


Telehealth marketing: Paying attention to patient safety pays off

Telenursing, teleconsultations, telestroke: the language of healthcare is full of references to telemedicine. Why should marketers pay attention? Because it’s the key to mitigating one of the largest pain points in healthcare technology: patient safety. Improving patient safety can mean preventing harmful medical errors, avoiding “near misses,” reducing patient confusion,… Read More

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