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The Essential Email Checklist

“Did you forget your toothbrush?” I inevitably hear from my wife before heading out for the airport. Of course she’s right. I’ve forgotten it and have to go back. There’s an art to packing for a trip and it primarily consists of organization skills. One of the most foolproof ways… Read More


Awareness Assemble: Constructing Your Shared Marketing Universe

It’s hard to think of a more successful gamble in the film industry than the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What started as a Hail Mary pass for the fledgling Marvel Studios has grown into the new standard for comic book movies. Now The Avengers films are some of the most successful… Read More

Marvel Cinematic Universe Marketing

The Voice vs. The Tone

On NBC’s The Voice, the panel of celebrity judges are asked to pick their singers blindly. With their backs facing the stage, they slam down on a button when they hear a vocalist they like. This means they’re solely judging based on the tone and character of their voice, nothing… Read More


Triple Word Play: Minimizing Tech Jargon in Social

Some of the best moves in Scrabble and Words With Friends aren’t the longest words. As I’ve repeatedly learned from losing at these games to my wife, the ability to eviscerate your opponent with just a couple of strategically placed letters can completely sway a game. It’s a literal interpretation… Read More

Tech Jargon

Let It Go: Email Retention and the Unsubscribe Button

A couple of months ago I took my car into the dealership for maintenance. It was a surprisingly pleasant experience. The mechanic walked me through what he was going to do and actively tried to help me get the best deal. All signs were pointing toward a great Yelp review… Read More


An Event Apart: Back to the Future of Design

One thing was apparent at this year’s An Event Apart Seattle: the web is changing. This might not be news to everyone, but there are a few things worth watching. Between smartphones and browser advancements, designers and developers across the board rushing to adapt. There’s no doubt things are moving… Read More


Kitterman Marketing Recognized for Innovation

SEATTLE – Kitterman, a Seattle-based marketing and advertising firm, has received the Freedom Award from business coaching consultants Maui Mastermind. Kitterman founder Joan Kitterman Harkins accepted the award at the business consulting firm’s quarterly seminar in Irvine, CA on Saturday, March 28. The award recognizes small businesses that have used… Read More


Tidal and Vessel vs. The World

Is a changing of the guard realistic or just another pipe dream? Yesterday Jay Z, Beyoncé, Madonna, Kanye West, Daft Punk, and a massive list of popular artists shared the stage for a live streamed event. No, this wasn’t Coachella or some other giant music festival. They were all coming… Read More


Mind Your Manners: Practicing Twitter Chat Etiquette

When we’re young, we’re taught certain sets of etiquette to abide by at dinner parties and gatherings. Napkins in your lap, utensils in the right order, and not talking with your mouth full all round out the list. Not abiding by these rules around the table can negatively affect how… Read More

Kitterman Twitter Chat Content

Social Media for Introverts

If you’re uncomfortable with being in the spotlight, you’re not alone. This is especially true for anyone who’s taken a Myers-Briggs test and been deemed an introvert. Sometimes social media can seem like a beacon of attention that introverts want to steer clear of. The idea of being a “social… Read More