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Flexible pricing to fit your budget.

Do you operate a business built on relationships? So do we.

Our social media marketing packages give you dedicated inbound marketing services including social platform management, monitoring and premium content—bundled into one monthly price to help you stretch your marketing dollars. All of our packages include an integrated analytics platform to track your social marketing performance—providing insights to guide content and strategy refinements.

Packages range from our Conversation package designed to identify, build and engage your audience to our Premier package designed to generate and nurture leads in a closed-loop social marketing program.
Conversation package
This package is the foundation for building a community around your brand. We focus on the "big four" social platforms for B2B: blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The Conversation package includes social monitoring and analysis, platform management and content guidance. The objective of the Conversation package is to help your company gain traction through daily tweets and posts and weekly blogs based on topics and offers that your audience finds interesting and engaging.
Preferred package
The Preferred package starts where the Conversation package left off—with additional focus on creating unique content offers that address topics relevant to your target audience and differentiate your product/service. The package includes the production of videos to introduce your company or highlight an important topic in your industry, blog posts and a white paper that offers deeper insights into a topic your audience wants to hear about. All of this activity forms the basis for a lead generation "engine" driven by analytics to enable testing, optimization and real-time adjustments.
Premier package
The premier package is a fully implemented social lead generation and nurturing program with moving parts that work together to form a closed-loop social marketing program. We build active online communities through the development of thought leadership for your organization, guided by market intelligence. Our Premier package includes a regular inflow of blog posts, white papers, offers, videos and webinars.
All packages can be supplemented with customized services or upgraded to a higher level package at any time.
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