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B2B Marketing

How to Write a Blog

It sounds simple, right? Write some words about a topic or idea, maybe quickly proofread, hit publish and you’re done. Not quite. While you can throw up quick posts on your website, a lack of thought and planning will eventually be your downfall. Blogs that get traction are the ones… Read More

Blog Kitterman

Meet the Queen: Optimized User Experience

We recently introduced you to King Email and his powerful ROI potential. Now let’s introduce his formidable sidekick, Smooth User Experience (UX). UX is art. What sounds like a serious tech term is, to me, a nebulous concept somewhat akin to “art.” Email UX is the structure of the email… Read More

Kitterman Marketing User Experience

To Trend or Not to Trend: When to Participate in Stories on Social Media

“Trending” is trending across all of today’s major social media platforms. Twitter and Facebook both have trending story sidebars and now Reddit has even added a “trending subreddits” function on their home page. Staying on top of trends is key to being relevant in the rapidly moving world of social… Read More


[VIDEO] Seattle Interactive Conference: Moz’s Rand Fishkin on “Great Content”

This week we spent three days at Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC), hearing from innovators in marketing, social media, software development, and design. Amidst all of the sky bridge after-parties and panel discussions, we were able to catch up with Moz’s CEO Rand Fishkin after his rousing talk titled “How Can… Read More

Rand Fishki

Mobile Apps: Reaching Healthcare Audiences on the Devices They Use Most

What kind of computer do physicians use most? You may be surprised to learn it’s not a computer at all. According to several surveys, the overwhelming majority of healthcare professionals prefer a mobile device. A recent study by technology firm CDW revealed that about two out of three physicians own… Read More

Doctor Mobile App

MozCon 2013: Transparency as a Best Practice

You are not a robot. I think that much is safe to say. Conducting business online does not mean losing your human touch. If anything, having an online business presence can be an opportunity to inject a sense humanity into your business strategy. There’s no need to succumb to the… Read More

Daft Punk Marketing

High Tech and High Touch: Marketing to Healthcare Professionals in the Age of Twitter

With 200 million active users, Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world—especially among people in IT. But for healthcare marketers, Twitter presents some unique challenges as well as benefits.