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How to Write a Blog

It sounds simple, right? Write some words about a topic or idea, maybe quickly proofread, hit publish and you’re done. Not quite. While you can throw up quick posts on your website, a lack of thought and planning will eventually be your downfall. Blogs that get traction are the ones… Read More

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Webinars, Web Conferences, Webcasts: Sweet Marketing Tools by Any Name

Earlier this month, we posted an article about incorporating Twitter into presentations at health IT conferences. But what about the presentations themselves? Is there a technology to help you extend the audience for your talk or demonstration, hold follow-up discussions beyond the scope of the show, and generate high-quality marketing… Read More


Pros and Cons of Hosting Multiple Blogs

By now, you’ve heard about or experienced the importance of a blog in your online toolkit. The benefits are many—thought leadership, SEO advantages, demand generation. But is one blog enough for your business? Consider weighing out your blog needs with a few pros and cons.   Benefits of Multiple Blogs… Read More


Top 9 Tips for User-Centered Web Design

Keeping people on your site is a bit of a game in today’s web world. Users are getting savvier—and less patient. Building your website to stand out ups the odds that you’ll hold people long enough to make them sales prospects. Here are a few ways to give your visitors… Read More

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Could mHealth bring a new era of personalized medicine?

If you are you one of the nearly 46% of Americans who check their smartphone 150 times a day, mobile health (mHealth) solutions might be in your future. Every year, mobile devices and the networks they run get faster, cheaper, and capable of performing more functions than ever before. According… Read More


The Promise of Telemedicine Gets a Little More Promising

Of all the advances in healthcare IT, telemedicine is one of the most exciting. It has the potential to give rural and remote patients unprecedented access to cutting-edge medical care.  Telemedicine isn’t just about saving lives; it’s about giving people better and more affordable access to quality care, while helping… Read More


HIMSS Intelligent Hospital™ offers better care through technology.

Though healthcare technology is evolving at a rapid pace, it can be difficult to imagine how it all will come together in a real-world clinical environment. Progress is being made incrementally and rather slowly, due to high implementation costs and privacy concerns. But the promise remains, and at the 2013… Read More