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How to Write a Blog

It sounds simple, right? Write some words about a topic or idea, maybe quickly proofread, hit publish and you’re done. Not quite. While you can throw up quick posts on your website, a lack of thought and planning will eventually be your downfall. Blogs that get traction are the ones… Read More

Blog Kitterman

Editorial Calendars: The Kinder, Gentler Way

Developing an editorial calendar can feel like forcing yourself out of bed for your morning jog or going to the DMV. You know it’s important and will benefit you in the long run, but it’s hard to muster the enthusiasm for it. Having an editorial calendar to guide your messaging… Read More

B2B Demand Generation Calendar

I Was There: Blogging About Conferences

Conferences are multiple days of immeasurable learning and madness. It’s a time to jump between lectures from some of the most brilliant minds in your industry, to networking with potential clients. But not everyone can be there. How do you help your audience, who is far away, feel like part… Read More

Blogging Conferences

Worth a Thousand Words: Incorporating Multimedia into Your Blogs

As a writer, I’m all for championing the power of words. The right phrasing can have a huge impact on your audience. But in the current, fast-paced social environment, that’s only going to get you so far. To capture someone’s attention, you need to think visually. In the same way… Read More

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Marketing Company Uses Engaging Headline. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next.

Does this type of headline sound familiar? You’ve probably seen it all over Facebook and Twitter lately from sites like Upworthy, Buzzfeed, and even news sites like The Huffington Post. Sometimes it shows up as “This 10-second video will change what you think about X forever” or other times “This… Read More


Passion Makes the Writing Grow Fonder

Your interests shouldn’t be thrown by the wayside just because you’re at work. They can be your biggest assets for developing rich, engaging content—even if they don’t seem to relate directly to your business. That may sound like a stretch, but it’s not. Writing about things that interest you or… Read More

Kanye West

Pros and Cons of Hosting Multiple Blogs

By now, you’ve heard about or experienced the importance of a blog in your online toolkit. The benefits are many—thought leadership, SEO advantages, demand generation. But is one blog enough for your business? Consider weighing out your blog needs with a few pros and cons.   Benefits of Multiple Blogs… Read More


Top 9 Tips for User-Centered Web Design

Keeping people on your site is a bit of a game in today’s web world. Users are getting savvier—and less patient. Building your website to stand out ups the odds that you’ll hold people long enough to make them sales prospects. Here are a few ways to give your visitors… Read More

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The Promise of Telemedicine Gets a Little More Promising

Of all the advances in healthcare IT, telemedicine is one of the most exciting. It has the potential to give rural and remote patients unprecedented access to cutting-edge medical care.  Telemedicine isn’t just about saving lives; it’s about giving people better and more affordable access to quality care, while helping… Read More

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