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Caroline Zelonka

Improving the Patient Experience, at Home and in the Hospital

One of the cornerstones of Meaningful Use is patient engagement, and some experts feel that healthcare reform can’t happen without a patient-centered health system. As health systems strive to meet Stage 2 requirements, there is now more focus than ever on the patient experience—and the technology that will enable it…. Read More

Doctor Patient

How Big Data May Open the Door to the Healthcare IT Market

Big data is the next big thing for healthcare marketing. As the National Center for Data Driven Marketing (NCDM) annual conference Data Content approaches, discussions of big data continue to heat up in every vertical, not just healthcare. While a lot of the focus has been on patient health information… Read More

big data

Webinars, Web Conferences, Webcasts: Sweet Marketing Tools by Any Name

Earlier this month, we posted an article about incorporating Twitter into presentations at health IT conferences. But what about the presentations themselves? Is there a technology to help you extend the audience for your talk or demonstration, hold follow-up discussions beyond the scope of the show, and generate high-quality marketing… Read More


Mobile Apps: Reaching Healthcare Audiences on the Devices They Use Most

What kind of computer do physicians use most? You may be surprised to learn it’s not a computer at all. According to several surveys, the overwhelming majority of healthcare professionals prefer a mobile device. A recent study by technology firm CDW revealed that about two out of three physicians own… Read More

Doctor Mobile App

Optimizing Sales Process for EMR Marketers Around Meaningful Use

Mandated milestones and changing standards are not limitations—they’re a chance for creativity. For electronic medical records (EMR) vendors this is especially true when working toward achieving meaningful use (MU).


High Tech and High Touch: Marketing to Healthcare Professionals in the Age of Twitter

With 200 million active users, Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world—especially among people in IT. But for healthcare marketers, Twitter presents some unique challenges as well as benefits.


Can Marketing Solve the Issue of Caregiver Burnout?

You’ve got a terrific new solution. It’s leading-edge, high-capability, and incorporates all the bells and whistles. But will all those bells and whistles contribute to caregiver burnout? As competition for the healthcare IT dollar heats up, user experience and human factors in engineering are becoming increasingly important to maintaining market… Read More


Marketing the Remarkable: Five Tips for Healthcare Innovators

Innovation has always been a hallmark of healthcare and medicine. But while they’re applauded by researchers and scientists, breakthroughs often befuddle the people they’re designed to help. How do you market a product, process, or procedure that your audience has never envisioned before? It’s a challenge that many of today’s… Read More


Telehealth marketing: Paying attention to patient safety pays off

Telenursing, teleconsultations, telestroke: the language of healthcare is full of references to telemedicine. Why should marketers pay attention? Because it’s the key to mitigating one of the largest pain points in healthcare technology: patient safety. Improving patient safety can mean preventing harmful medical errors, avoiding “near misses,” reducing patient confusion,… Read More

Doctor Tablet

Could mHealth bring a new era of personalized medicine?

If you are you one of the nearly 46% of Americans who check their smartphone 150 times a day, mobile health (mHealth) solutions might be in your future. Every year, mobile devices and the networks they run get faster, cheaper, and capable of performing more functions than ever before. According… Read More

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