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Are your emails mobile-ready? 8 ways to make sure!

More cell phones in the world than toothbrushes?  Really?  That’s what the Mobile Marketing Association of Asia reported last year: 5.1 billion people have a cell phone but only 4.2 billion people have a toothbrush!  Add to that the tremendous growth of smart phones and it really gets you thinking!… Read More

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Tap the Power of Video: 8 Tips for Creating a Killer Talking Head

Moving images have been breathing life into storytelling for more than a century. With more than two billion YouTube views each day, online video can be one of the best ways to get people’s attention. Video is at least as effective for business-to-business marketing as it is for consumer. In… Read More

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Killer Offers—No Leads? 4 Ways to Boost Your Calls-to-Action

Marketers spend a lot of time researching, strategizing, creating offers, and figuring out which tactics are most likely to reach the right people. To really get mileage and leads out of all that work, spend a little time refining your calls-to-action. Do a quick scan of ads, company blogs, and… Read More


Social Media for B2B Marketers: The First Step is the Hardest

Most marketers say they’re at least “moderately” engaged in social media. But a new study by WebMarketing 123 reports that 1 in 10 B2B marketers still don’t have any social media presence at all. As a marketer your job is to understand customers. You work hard. But if you’re avoiding… Read More

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Ann Handley on the Trouble with Tactics-Driven Social Marketing

A far-too-common approach for companies itching to get into the social space is the social platform checklist. FaceBook? Check! Twitter? Check! LinkedIn? Check! I recently overheard some marketers complaining. They work hard at social marketing. They have lots of followers. Including followers with big influence. And they wonder why they… Read More


3 Steps on the Road to B2B Engagement: Look—Listen—Learn

I’ve written more push-style direct marketing pieces, white papers and datasheets than any human deserves to be subjected to. These were the cornerstone tactics for technology, and they still have their place. But for companies that have push tactics deeply engrained it’s easy to forget the full value of bringing… Read More