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Worth a Thousand Words: Incorporating Multimedia into Your Blogs

As a writer, I’m all for championing the power of words. The right phrasing can have a huge impact on your audience. But in the current, fast-paced social environment, that’s only going to get you so far. To capture someone’s attention, you need to think visually. In the same way… Read More

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Building Brand and Personality with Social Media

Your brand is your company’s personality. Likewise, your social media platforms are your company’s mouthpiece. Somewhere along the line these two concepts need to meet. Social media allows you to build up and raise awareness for your brand. This is a great luxury for marketers. Instead of trying to find… Read More

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Five Types of Viral-Ready Images for Social Media

Images speak louder than words—and they share faster too. Social media moves so rapidly that words often aren’t enough. Your 140 characters of thoughtful text might get glances, but a Grumpy Cat meme will be retweeted hundreds of times. What this means for marketers is that in order to keep… Read More