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Healthcare Provider Support Services

Modern society applies advanced automated technologies to empower all spheres of life and business, including healthcare. In fact, finding solutions to particular medical problems and improving them may be one of the most … Read More


Get to Know: Karen Mahardy, Kitterman Marketing’s Senior Project Manager

Our project managers may be masters of organization and client relations, but that doesn’t mean they can’t delve into the creative side. Case in point: Karen Mahardy. When she’s not in the office making sure our projects run smoothly, she’s out around the town creating jaw-dropping art. Check out our… Read More

Karen Mahardy

Sell more successfully on the Internet with long tail keywords

LAs an online marketer, you know that targeted traffic is the key to a successful website. But how do you achieve the right traffic? By using long-tail keywords! In this article, we will discuss what long-tail keywords are and why they are so important for online marketers. Read More


Get to Know: Aaron Krantz, Kitterman Marketing’s Associate Creative Director

Great content paired with bold visuals is a formidable combination. That’s why we’re happy to announce our new associate creative director, Aaron Krantz, who will direct our strategy with graphic design and all things visual. He brings to Kitterman 12 years of creative design experience and invaluable insights on the… Read More

Aaron Krantz

Everything You Need to Know About Images on Ello (So Far)

A picture is worth a thousand words, but only if you’re doing it right. Social sharing sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, and Imgur have given us great examples of how powerful imagery can be. Ello’s emergence is just another reminder of that. Though it’s still in Beta, the buzz around Ello… Read More


Somebody Pass Me the Ello

It’s been four days since Ello.co exploded our Facebook newsfeed and Twitter streams with the select few creating profiles on the “anti-Facebook” social network. Waiting for an invite to Ello initially reminded me of Google Wave—everyone worked up about trying to get in, calling on strangers and old acquaintances to… Read More

Ello (1)

I Was There: Blogging About Conferences

Conferences are multiple days of immeasurable learning and madness. It’s a time to jump between lectures from some of the most brilliant minds in your industry, to networking with potential clients. But not everyone can be there. How do you help your audience, who is far away, feel like part… Read More

Blogging Conferences

“Pardon Me, Do You Have the Time?”—Next Practices for Wearable Technology

Earlier this week Apple made a series of announcements at their iPhone 6 launch event. Surprisingly the one that caught the most attention was the reveal of the new Apple Watch. Apple isn’t the first to turn the wristwatch into the latest tablet technology, there’s also the Samsung Gear S… Read More

Apple Watch

Worth a Thousand Words: Incorporating Multimedia into Your Blogs

As a writer, I’m all for championing the power of words. The right phrasing can have a huge impact on your audience. But in the current, fast-paced social environment, that’s only going to get you so far. To capture someone’s attention, you need to think visually. In the same way… Read More

Abbey Road 1

What “Guardians of the Galaxy” Taught Me About Building an Audience

We like our Marvel movies here at Kitterman. The success of their latest venture, Guardians of the Galaxy, gives us a prime example of moving from obscurity to household name. Though Marvel already has a reputation for quirky, enjoyable movies, Guardians is an obscure group of characters even to comic… Read More


Instant Karma: Reddit for Marketers

Reddit can be a scary place for marketers. Many take Indiana Jones’ advice from Raiders of the Lost Ark, “Don’t look at it, shut your eyes and don’t look at it no matter what happens,” for fear their faces will be melted off. This trepidation is due to Redditors’ infamous… Read More