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Facebook’s Listening to Your Every Move: Is There A Silver Lining Here?

In an age where social media allows us to share everything we do with the world, Facebook is about to take it a step further. The company recently announced a new feature to their mobile app that will access your phone’s microphone to know what you’re listening to and what… Read More

Facebook Mobile

Mobile Apps: Reaching Healthcare Audiences on the Devices They Use Most

What kind of computer do physicians use most? You may be surprised to learn it’s not a computer at all. According to several surveys, the overwhelming majority of healthcare professionals prefer a mobile device. A recent study by technology firm CDW revealed that about two out of three physicians own… Read More

Doctor Mobile App

Maximizing Short Clips: Using Instagram Video and Vine for Marketing

There’s a threshold for capturing your audience within the first few seconds of your video. But what if your video was just those first few seconds? Enter Vine and, as of last week, Instagram Video. While YouTube and Vimeo are popular platforms for sharing long-form, HD videos that are often… Read More

instagram video

Could mHealth bring a new era of personalized medicine?

If you are you one of the nearly 46% of Americans who check their smartphone 150 times a day, mobile health (mHealth) solutions might be in your future. Every year, mobile devices and the networks they run get faster, cheaper, and capable of performing more functions than ever before. According… Read More


Are your emails mobile-ready? 8 ways to make sure!

More cell phones in the world than toothbrushes?  Really?  That’s what the Mobile Marketing Association of Asia reported last year: 5.1 billion people have a cell phone but only 4.2 billion people have a toothbrush!  Add to that the tremendous growth of smart phones and it really gets you thinking!… Read More

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