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Social Media for B2B Marketers: The First Step is the Hardest

Most marketers say they’re at least “moderately” engaged in social media. But a new study by WebMarketing 123 reports that 1 in 10 B2B marketers still don’t have any social media presence at all. As a marketer your job is to understand customers. You work hard. But if you’re avoiding… Read More

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Lead Generation vs. Demand Generation: Are We Splitting Hairs?

We marketers have our own lingo. We know what we mean when we talk about agility, socializing, earned media, going viral and eating our own dog food. But when talk about our most common objectives—to get new customers and keep existing ones—the terms get confusing. Do a simple web search… Read More


Confessions of a B2B Marketer

I admit it. When I started my social marketing immersion I went in thinking FaceBook and Groupon. It was really more of a curiosity than something that I thought I would ever actually use in my work as a B2B marketer. I could see right away that social media could… Read More