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Social Media Marketing

Happy Fourth of July from Kitterman Marketing Group!

Break out the stars and stripes. It’s Independence Day and it’s time to celebrate! Though we’re sure a lot of you will be taking a long weekend with the holiday, that doesn’t mean you can’t find meaningful marketing parallels within many of the festivities. For fun, here’s are a few… Read More


Five Types of Viral-Ready Images for Social Media

Images speak louder than words—and they share faster too. Social media moves so rapidly that words often aren’t enough. Your 140 characters of thoughtful text might get glances, but a Grumpy Cat meme will be retweeted hundreds of times. What this means for marketers is that in order to keep… Read More


Top Video Tips to Add Life to Your Social Marketing

Video—it’s your social profile’s best friend. Using video to augment your social media marketing communications can attract three times more clicks, according to SEOMoz. So grab your camera phone and let’s get going! Here are tools you should be using to get your social marketing moving: Capture Your Smartphone/iPad/Mobile Device… Read More