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The Power of the #Throwback: Playing Up Nostalgia in Social Media

There’s value in your embarrassing yearbook photos. For as much as social media is about progressing forward, often it’s used to look backward. Some of the most ubiquitous hashtags are #ThrowbackThursday (or #TBT), #FlashbackFriday, and #TransformationTuesday—all of which facilitate users sharing old photos and memories. Now there’s even TimeHop, an… Read More


Somebody Pass Me the Ello

It’s been four days since Ello.co exploded our Facebook newsfeed and Twitter streams with the select few creating profiles on the “anti-Facebook” social network. Waiting for an invite to Ello initially reminded me of Google Wave—everyone worked up about trying to get in, calling on strangers and old acquaintances to… Read More

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What “Guardians of the Galaxy” Taught Me About Building an Audience

We like our Marvel movies here at Kitterman. The success of their latest venture, Guardians of the Galaxy, gives us a prime example of moving from obscurity to household name. Though Marvel already has a reputation for quirky, enjoyable movies, Guardians is an obscure group of characters even to comic… Read More


Marketing Company Uses Engaging Headline. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next.

Does this type of headline sound familiar? You’ve probably seen it all over Facebook and Twitter lately from sites like Upworthy, Buzzfeed, and even news sites like The Huffington Post. Sometimes it shows up as “This 10-second video will change what you think about X forever” or other times “This… Read More


GIF Me a Break: Do’s and Don’ts of Using GIFs in Your Messaging

GIFs are one of the greatest comeback stories in Internet history. While in the 90s and 00s GIFs were seen as unappealing and requiring way more bandwidth than they were worth, modern technology has given the animations the accessibility they deserve. Thanks to social sites like Reddit, Tumblr, and Buzzfeed,… Read More


Facebook’s Listening to Your Every Move: Is There A Silver Lining Here?

In an age where social media allows us to share everything we do with the world, Facebook is about to take it a step further. The company recently announced a new feature to their mobile app that will access your phone’s microphone to know what you’re listening to and what… Read More

Facebook Mobile

To Trend or Not to Trend: When to Participate in Stories on Social Media

“Trending” is trending across all of today’s major social media platforms. Twitter and Facebook both have trending story sidebars and now Reddit has even added a “trending subreddits” function on their home page. Staying on top of trends is key to being relevant in the rapidly moving world of social… Read More


Instagram Makeover: Less Stock Filters, More Eye-Grabbing Design

You’re getting ready to go out and you want to look good. You want to make an impression so you put on your favorite jeans, your best jacket, and a fresh new pair of kicks. Then you take a step out and see everyone is wearing the same thing as… Read More


Making Your Social Engagements More Engaging

Imagine you’re at a party. You spot someone interesting from across the room. You walk over and introduce yourself. You say some quip about how you admire their jacket or bring up some hot topic. Instead of responding, they walk away without acknowledging you or look you in the face… Read More

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Kitterman Marketing at Convergence 2014

Getting there is only half the fun. Microsoft Convergence 2014 in Atlanta is underway and Kitterman Marketing has been a part of the journey from the beginning, helping spread the word and driving attendance at this year’s conference through our marketing efforts. Our own Joan Harkins (president) and Lesli Knee… Read More

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