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Potato Salad Marketing: Understanding the Randomness of Viral Sensations

In the past week a man from Columbus, Ohio, crowdsourced over $40,000 to make potato salad, and the money keeps coming in. No, I’m not making this up. While the Kickstarter began as a simple joke with a modest goal of $10, it was hilarious enough to go viral and… Read More

potato salad

From Best Practices to Next Practices

We talk a lot about best practices on our blog, and for good reason—they’ve worked for a lot of people for a lot of years. But how often are best practices nothing more than conventional wisdom pretending to be insight? Sure, it’s safe to use best practices. But just as… Read More


Five Types of Viral-Ready Images for Social Media

Images speak louder than words—and they share faster too. Social media moves so rapidly that words often aren’t enough. Your 140 characters of thoughtful text might get glances, but a Grumpy Cat meme will be retweeted hundreds of times. What this means for marketers is that in order to keep… Read More