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Top Video Tips to Add Life to Your Social Marketing

Video—it’s your social profile’s best friend. Using video to augment your social media marketing communications can attract three times more clicks, according to SEOMoz. So grab your camera phone and let’s get going! Here are tools you should be using to get your social marketing moving: Capture Your Smartphone/iPad/Mobile Device… Read More


Is Video the New Social Trend? Tim Washer and Michael Brenner Think So

If you’ve put off incorporating videos in your marketing strategy, it may be time to reconsider. Videos are on the rise. They’re not as hard to create as they used to be, and video-making tools are easier to come by and much more affordable. The Content Marketing Institute reports that… Read More


David Thomas on Showing the C-Suite the Value of Social Media

Even with social media proving its business value across industries, C-level executives want to make sure that there’s real benefit for their business before they devote significant time and money to pursuing it. The good news for those passionate about social media is that now they have ways to demonstrate… Read More


Ann Handley on Turning Followers into Sales

It’s easy enough to be busy in social media. You’re pouring content into your blog, your Facebook page is up-to-date, and you tweet constantly. But if you aren’t turning followers into buyers, you’re not getting the value that social media offers to savvy marketers. Kitterman’s Nikki Naiser met with Ann… Read More