Company snapshot

Vertafore is a leading provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, located in Bothell, WA. They have 1,300 employees and serve over 20,000 enterprise customers. Vertafore solutions help insurance agencies and carriers increase productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

The challenge

Vertafore was seeking to convince traditional agency owners that they needed to pivot to Digital Insurer operations in order to survive and thrive in the new digital economy.

Here’s how our agency nurture campaign enabled Vertafore to help insurance agencies move into the digital age, while driving $816k in new opportunities for Vertafore.

Our results

Our strategy

Kitterman developed messaging that spoke to the campaign’s primary audience of agency owners/principals, who needed compelling evidence to switch to digital operations. Kitterman also developed secondary target messaging for typical agency personas — IT, customer service, producers, and underwriters — to illustrate how Vertafore solutions can bring enterprise-wide benefits.

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The deliverables

Campaign assets included interactive infographics and an ebook, video, and a campaign landing page that evolved through the course of the campaign. A wave strategy rolled out new content over time, announced through emails, social media, and retargeting ads.

Agency nurture ebook

We created an interactive ebook that highlighted the benefits of switching from traditional, paper-based operations to a Digital Insurer model. We created engaging interactive graphics that brought the information to life.

Agency nurture campaign video

We scripted, shot, and produced this testimonial-style video featuring Vertafore’s vice president of marketing as he explained the benefits of becoming a Digital Insurer. We wrote the interview questions to tell the complete story and edited the hour-long video shoot down to a five-minute conversation that perfectly tells the Digital Insurer story.

Kitterman is great to work with–they understand our customers’ needs, and their creative has resulted in increased sales leads, new business, and heightened brand awareness for Vertafore.

Landing page

The agency nurture campaign was a rolling campaign, offering new deliverables in phases to create and sustain interest in the campaign. Each time an agency chose to view the next campaign offer, they were directed to a landing page that offered updated information and the latest offer, and also captured their contact information.

Agency nurture campaign persona infographics

We created a series of infographics that highlighted the agency-wide benefits of Vertafore solutions by breaking down benefits by roles: owners, employees, and customers. The infographics presented agency owners with a holistic view of how Vertafore solutions would positively impact their entire business.

Agency nurture campaign interactive infographic

To kick off the agency nurture campaign, we created an interactive infographic that presented high-level benefits of becoming a Digital Insurer. Design included engaging Flash® programming so readers could click on the infographic to reveal new information and launch animations.

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