Smart, scalable marketing

Kitterman has established a reputation as the go-to agency for companies of all sizes—from startups to Fortune 100 corporations.

For over 14 years, industry-leading companies have turned to Kitterman for engaging, analytics-driven marketing and demand generation campaigns. We understand C-suite leaders, business and IT decision makers, sales and marketing leaders, and tech audiences—their motivations, interests, and aspirations—and use these insights to create campaigns that engage more directly with these audiences.

At the other end of the business spectrum, startups and small businesses are often challenged to effectively ramp up their marketing efforts with a limited budget. Kitterman’s agile marketing approach can help businesses begin building the foundation of a strong marketing program that will grow along with them.

Audience Research

Demand gen is vital to boosting your company’s offers, but it can be difficult creating a strategic lead generation and nurture campaign that hits all the right touch points to move leads through the sales funnel. Our analytics-driven demand gen campaigns are optimized to find the people you want to reach and draw them into a conversation that ends in a sale.


Today, the success of marketing campaigns is increasingly reliant on the digital component. We are experts at using online ads, social media, web, blogging, and SEM to speak to your audience where they are online.

Content Creation

Great marketing starts with a great message paired with great visual themes. That comes together as a story that resonates with your customers. Our creative team can help you discover, articulate, and share that story in the most compelling ways.

Media Services

A sound media plan requires much more than simply buying some ads. Making the most of your media buys requires knowing the optimal way to reach your target audience. Our media buyers ensure your message reaches the right audience with the right message in the right place.


How do you know your marketing campaign is achieving the desired results? Our analytics tools deliver detailed performance data, so you can adjust campaign elements to optimize performance and increase ROI.