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Vertafore is a leading provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, with more than 20,000 customers. Vertafore solutions help insurance agencies and carriers increase productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

The company wanted to introduce its WorkSmart platform to a wider agency audience, and show how the WorkSmart Agency Process Management Solution can eliminate processing bottlenecks, and streamline workflow to increase efficiency across the entire agency.


Kitterman’s marketing campaign resulted in the generation of more than $3 million in opportunities—exceeding the campaign goal by 109%. The strategy to highlight WorkSmart’s benefits clearly appealed to the target audience—agency principals and owners—with a nurture email open rate of 99%, and a click-through rate of 5%.


Vertafore wanted to increase market share for its agency workflow platform, but the challenge lay in convincing agency principals that technology is an investment, not an expense, and something that would deliver immediate benefits while helping the agency stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.


The Vertafore team worked with Kitterman to identify the main pain points and challenges facing agency owners, and Kitterman created a series of offers designed to move the audience from awareness to engagement to purchase.

The campaign began with two infographics that illustrated to the target audience how WorkSmart addressed the audience’s primary pain points by improving the efficiency and productivity of their operations. A companion digital brochure took a deeper dive into WorkSmart’s benefits, using real-world examples and statistics from current WorkSmart customers.

Vertafore reached the target audience with an email campaign introducing the infographics, and Kitterman created a series of retargeting ads that led respondents to the WorkSmart webpage, where their information was exchanged for the infographic download.

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